Defend the University of Alberta

Alberta’s students need a world class education now more than ever. Students have suffered enough through the pandemic, and investing in this generation should be a cornerstone of Alberta’s economic recovery. 

But the cost of living in Alberta has soared, and Alberta’s universities can’t compete if pay doesn’t keep pace. One in three members of the AASUA are trapped in short-term contracts, living without the job security they need to plan their lives. And wages aren’t keeping up with inflation – we can’t attract or retain the people we need to deliver a world class education if we keep cutting pay and losing permanent jobs. 

We’re worried that Jason Kenney is using the power he gave his government in Bill 21 to interfere with contract negotiations and pressure universities to deny fair wage increases. Kenney’s government is imposing a $52-million cut to post secondary institutions in Budget 2022. 

Quality education shouldn’t be on the chopping block.

We’re calling on U of A President Bill Flanagan to stand up for our university in the face of a provincial government that has been targeting the U of A with cuts disproportionate to other universities in the province. Additionally, we call on President Flanagan to ensure the Board of Governors stands up for our university’s educators and researchers by ensuring academic staff see increased wages to keep pace with the rising cost of living.

Will you join our fight to protect quality education for our students and for Alberta?

Defend the University of Alberta

Tell University of Alberta President Bill Flanagan to stand up to the province and support quality education!

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